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From major-scale public ventures with high-specification objectives and short turnarounds, to cost-effective, compact…

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Escalators & Moving walks

versatile and suitable for use in all kinds of buildings, with tailor-made design alternatives that offer high rise, outdoor, heavy duty, high capacity…

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Pick from futuristic, modern, classic or panoramic lifts, and create your ideal design with doors and cabin parts including ceiling, floor, walls…

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FreeSTAIR systems to provide autonomy, comfort and access where the option of a conventional lift is not available.
Requiring minimum space….

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Parking Systems

offer a diverse range of vertical stacking and sliding platform solutions. Building on technological advancements…

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Offers a range of Marine solutions for the vertical transportation of passengers and goods in private and commercial cruise ships, luxury yachts, ferries, cargo ships…

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Modernisation Solutions

Provides an array of customised and compatible Modernisation Services for the renewal of lifts, ranging from component upgrades and replacements….

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Custom Solutions

Enjoying a favourable worldwide reputation for expertise in special projects…

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